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Idrees Khan

Idrees Khan is the CEO and Senior SEO expert of www.iraqireporter.com and also the founder of this website. He is a dedicated and hardworking person and having excellence in digital marketing along with the spirit of exploring new things and facts. In addition to his expertise in digital marketing, he completed his Bachelors in IT from University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq as he belongs to Baghdad. As a mentor, he is a self-motivated; enthusiastic and co-operative and his major interest is to provide reliable and valuable information to people from Iraq and other regions.

Mustafa Abubakr

Mustafa Abubakr is the Chief Editor of our news team and the Co-Founder of www.iraqireporter.com . He writes about the current affairs and also covers the area of Political, security and international news. His main focus is to provide quality information related to his concerning topics. He is up-to-date and a social activist who is always ready to write with the fluctuations in governmental policies or international issues. He has done graduation in English (Honor) from the University Of Baghdad, Iraq. Recently he is doing specialization in Political science. So that he can put his effort to know thoroughly about political condition of Iraq.

Zainab Akram

Zainab Akram is the deputy Editor of our news team. Her main target is to cover the economy related news including currency rates, oil, gold and other commodities’ prices as well as she puts light on prevailing banking policies of Iraq. Currently she has done Graduation (B.Com) from Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq. She is always motivated and passionate for her work and always trying to give her best. Her specific interest is finance and economy, so she writes news about banking and finance.

Ayub Hamid

Ayub Hamid is a fantastic passionate news editor who joined our team to provide more important news related to Iraq from different angles. He is from Pakistan and done is Graduation in Journalism. We welcome him and hope he will provide more interesting news to our readers here at iraqireporter.us.

Anam Usman

Anam Usman is also our newly joined news editor. We also welcome her and hope she will contribute her best efforts to the readers of iraqireporter.com

Kashifa Javed

Kashifa Javed is a new member to our team who is actively contributing her expertise in Financial and investment analysis in order to write about the revaluation and investment decisions specifically related to Iraqi Dinar .She is a research scholar having the masters’ degree in Finance from Institute of Accounting and Finance, University of Baghdad, Iraq. She is an economic activist who analyzes the market sentiments and on the basis of upcoming information gives suggestions to our viewers. She is an energetic and prescient member of our team.